Man Kills Roommate For Refusing To Have S*x Twice

A man has been jailed over the alleged murder of his roommate over her refusal to have sex with him – for two rounds!

According to World Wide Weird News, Gary Stevenson is being held for stabbing his roommate Katy Rourke in the heart just two weeks after she moved into their Glasgow apartment.

Stevenson has admitted to the crime, saying that he flew into a rage after the two had sex and she refused to indulge him a second time due to having to be at work.

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Stevenson has claimed that he snapped and “totally lost control”, punching her several times before fatally stabbing her.

The suspect has since pleaded guilty in court and has been sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Ex-flatmates of the deceased have claimed that Stevenson would turn violent against any woman who rejected his advances and that he had exhibited disturbing behaviour in the lead-up to her death, The Courier reports.


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