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Mali: Government Reacted To Civilians Bombing Cleared French Armed Forces

The report of an airstrike that killed civilians in a wedding ceremony on Sunday eventually got the reaction of the government of Mali, contrary to what locals said, the Malian government denied the allegations spreading that the French airstrike killed the civilians.

The country’s defense ministry said a joint operation with French forces had killed only Islamist militants.

The French military has also denied causing civilian casualties, despite witnesses saying that up to 20 wedding guests were killed in the airstrike.


Medical charity, Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders, said armed men targeted an ambulance that was transferring several of the victims to hospital on Tuesday.

It said one of them, a man in his sixties, had died after being tied up and assaulted.

In a strike targeted at two villages in Central Mali Sunday; Paris claimed to have annihilated militants. French armed forces staff spoke of bombing a jihadist group by a fighter plane.

France confirmed that the bombing came after precise and verified intelligence, rejecting accusations of slaying wedding guests.


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