Malawian Opposition Give Mutharika 3 Months To Resign

Lilongwe – Malawian opposition parties have reportedly given President Peter Mutharika until May to resign, saying his government had failed to solve the country’s economic problems.

According to Malawi24, the People’s Party’s (PP) vice president Kamlepo Kalua, said his party had given Mutharika an ultimatum of 90 days to resign and hand over power to a caretaker government.

“Mutharika has failed the country, therefore, he has to resign,” Kalua was quoted as saying.

Jessie Kabwila, the Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) publicist, concurred with Kalua, saying Mutharika’s incompetence was impacting the lives of ordinary Malawians.

Kabwila said this during a high-level conference of civil rights and religious leaders and academics in Blantyre.

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“For us, there are no words to say – the DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] has failed miserably, we don’t need a microscope to see [that] we are in a crisis,” the Nyasa Times quoted Kabwila as saying.

In response to the ultimatum, government spokesperson Jappie Mhango lambasted the opposition leaders, saying they were “over-excited, overzealous, and probably constipated”.

“The president cannot resign and will never think of it. Everyone knows that the problems facing Malawi are not man-made and this government is doing all it can to deal with them and very soon all the problems will go,” Mhlango said.

Mhlango vowed that the DPP government would be in power until 2019.


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