Little Mix Accused of ‘Dressing Like Strippers’ at BRIT Awards

Little Mix was last night slammed on social media for ‘dressing like strippers’ at BRIT awards, though we wonder what the fuss is about.

The girl band put on a performance alongside Ms Banks at this year’s BRIT Awards, and many on social media found their dressing inappropriate.

One viewer wrote:

“What is it with Jesy from Little Mix wearing outfits that nearly show her vagina?”

Another posted:

“Little Mix’s outfits doing nothing for the feminist movement there.”

A third added:

“Well done to everyone keeping their clothes on and remembering this is a family show, totally aimed at youngsters. Little Mix just lost a huge following for acting like strippers! Not a role models.”

A parent piped up:

“Watching BRITs and son walks in, clocks Little Mix and says: ‘This is weird. They hardly wearing any clothes. Why?’ He’s 11. I think his response might be different next year.”

Just as you would expect, not everyone was hating on the girl band, with one fan writing:

“Little Mix’s performance was a fucking experience!”


Another gushed:

“The BRITs is closed Little Mix just shut it down they did that! Yes our queens did…what an epic performance I’m literally speechless.”

Little Mix don’t appear to be particularly bothered by all the social media their outfit choices picked up, tweeting to say it was ‘frigging amazing’.



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