Libyan military authorities impose ban on travelers under 45

The military governor of eastern Libyan cities has imposed a ban on all travelers under 45 years old without a security clearance.

The decision was issued Thursday by Libyan Chief of Staff Abdel-Razek al-Nadhouri, citing security concerns of “outside dangers.” He was appointed by army chief Khalifa Hifter to govern eastern cities from Darna to Bani Jawad.

Hifter is allied with the internationally recognized parliament which is based in eastern Libya.

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It was a revised decree of an earlier one that imposed a ban on women without male guardians that drew public criticism.

Libyans are already facing movement restrictions across the country, which is divided between rival governments, each back by heavily armed militias and tribes. Libya’s two main airports in Benghazi and Tripoli were destroyed during years of fighting.


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