Liberia: CIC Contradict Fight With Kizzy Beef


CIC has expelled bits of gossip about fighting with Kizzy W, his previous record mate at SOG.

The rapper, who was standing up out of the blue on the issue, depicted bits of gossip about an aggravation with Kizzy W as “phony.”

CIC included that the entire hamburger story is a cosmetics that individuals endeavor to stick on them and that does not exist since he and Kizzy W are great companions.

“I got no meat with anyone. At all I say to annoy you in any capacity, and you take it in an unexpected way, that is your business.

People think I have a beef with Kizzy W and if they think so, that’s left with them. I see him as a brother, although he is no longer with us at SOG. When I see him, we talk and we are cool. No bad feelings exist between us as has been speculated,” CIC said.

The beef, according to rumors, started after Kizzy W left SOG record. It later intensified after both artists clashed over who is the best between Jaredo and CJay–a situation that has not been settled yet.
“I’m a very peaceful and humble person, and regardless of who I’m today, I’m still that person I used to be who hates beef,” he said. “Whosoever decides to bad mouth me, I don’t have time to respond to negative comments.”

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On a future collaboration between the two, CIC said he doesn’t think so and cannot guarantee if it will ever happen, although they are friends.

“I do not think there will be a future collaboration. I don’t think so, but it’s left with the management team to decide,” CIC added.

In a related development, the rapper has dropped the video for his two bangers “Hello” and “Itchy Ritchy.” The two video, since its release, has received positive reviews for its quality and lines, which go directly with the music lyrics.


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