Late Swedish DJ Avicii’s Father Speaks On  Suicide Prevention

Late Swedish DJ,whose real name was Tim Bergling – was found dead in Muscat, Oman, in April last year at the age of 28, and now his father, Klas Bergling, has said that he doesn’t believe that his son’s death was planned, but instead was influenced by many factors that “brought him out of his control”.

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Klas said: “Our theory is not that he planned this suicide – more that it was like a traffic accident. Many things happened and came into the same station, so to say, and brought him out of his control.”

Avicii’s father insists that he would often have long conversations with the Wake Me Up hitmaker about his mental health, and said that he had seemed “happy” before his death.

He added: “When he was in a bad situation he always used to call me. We talked a lot [about] his thoughts about life, his thoughts about meditation, love… we had long talks, often one hour or so, over the ocean.

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“If you are very happy or extremely happy, it’s not so far to be unhappy… small things can make you sad or move your balance and I think this is what happened.”

Klas believes that his son was under too much stress from his demanding music career
Speaking to CNN, he said: “As a DJ or an artist you have to do a lot of things you don’t want to do, in the end that takes a part of you. [It] takes a lot out of these people – the travelling, waiting at airports, late nights. He started feeling that he didn’t feel good when he went up there.”

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Klas has also urged policymakers to address mental health problems earlier in a person’s life, before it becomes too late
He urged politicians in Sweden and across the world to tackle mental health issues early in life. “School should be the best place for the children, so let’s make it the best place for the children,” he said. “The problem is what are they doing in the society to handle problems like this?”
“The most important thing (is) trying to catch the problem earlier,” he said. “It’s really a political question that has to be solved, not talked about for 10 more years.”
Avicii’s family posthumously released his final album, TIM, last month, and proceeds from the record will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation which was set up in the DJ’s memory to support those struggling with their mental health.



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