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For Ladies: Five Vital Signs He Is Not Into You Anymore

Women, we have the 6th sense and we ought to use it very well. You have been with this guy for some time but things have changed and you do not comprehend what is happening. Here are the signs that your guys is just not into you anymore.

  1. He is too busy to see you

When a man makes excuses as to why he cannot see you, it’s a clear indication that he is not interested in seeing you anymore. Do not console yourself that he will change. When he is not into you, pack up your things and move on.

  1. He does not want to be committed

I do not know how many guys get away with this lie but the foolish women will believe the lie. He is ready to be committed but not with you. In most cases, he usually has someone else in mind that he is ready to be committed to. Do not tear yourself up; there are other serious men who are ready for a serious relationship.

  1. He does not ask anything about your life

You will hang out together but he will never ask what you did last week or what you are planning to do. This is because he does not want to worry about your life because he is preoccupied with a lot of other things.

  1. He talks or treats you like his other friends
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When a guy likes or loves a woman, there is a certain way that he will talk to this woman; in a sweet and soft tone. When he starts engaging you in conversations that he would have with his normal friends and treats you like any other friend, girl, he is totally not into you. Walk away and if he doesn’t come after you, keep walking.

  1. He starts flirting with other girls and tells you he is just being friendly.                                         There’s nothing wrong with being friendly, but there is everything wrong with flirting. It will hurt you when he flirts with you and flirts with other people but it will hurt you even more when he flirts with other women but he does not with you. He is showing you straight to your face that he is not interested in you so just leave, please.

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