Labour Unions Set To Shut Down Nigeria With Civil Unrest

Organised labour unions such as NUPENG, TUC and PENGASSAN have said that they would undertake a mass revolt if President Muhammadu Buhari followed through with his plan of selling national assets to fund the national budget, Naij reports.

The Federal Government stated however that it would not sell critical national assets to shore up the economy and would still have funds in reserve to reignite the dwindling financial landscape of Nigeria.

Labour meanwhile have said that it was ready to shut Nigeria down should any attempt be made to sell the country’s national assets which they argued would only benefit a select few.

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“Any attempt to sell these national assets will be met with stiff resistance from the Association, as PENGASSAN will galvanize every support, including that of our sister union and labour centres, to shut down this country by ensuring that every activity in the oil and gas sector is brought to a complete halt,” PENGASSAN said.


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