Kylie Jenner Asked Sisters To Stop Bullying Jordyn Woods

The much-anticipated Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode fans have been waiting for finally aired on Sunday and has left fans with mixed emotions.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods cheating scandal drama to unfold and the episode was finally aired.

The Kardashian/Jenner family were hit with another cheating scandal in February after reports claimed that Khloe Kardashians’ baby daddy and Jordyn were seen getting cosy at a party. Jordyn received backlash from the Kardashians, who claimed that she broke up a family.

Fans had the chance to see the family’s reaction to the news of the scandal and also a deeper look into what Khloe was going through.

The Kardashian clan took to social media and bashed Jordyn for “wanting Khloe’s man”. The women publicly called Jordyn names, with Khloe saying that she was the reason for her broken family.

Fans also had an exclusive look into how Kylie Jenner asked her sisters to stop bullying Jordyn on social media, despite the drama.

Kylie can be heard on a phone call with older sister, Kim Kardashian, asking Kim to stop bullying her former best friend.

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“I saw the Snapchats and stuff that you guys made? And I just feel like we’re bigger than this. We’re better than this. And I feel like if you want to call or yell at her, do whatever you want or lets all talk in person but I just feel like the singing and all that stuff is just not okay,” Kylie told Kim.

Kylie told Kim that she understood that Khloe was angry but bullying Jordyn was not the answer.

“We just really don’t need to bully somebody, that’s all I’m saying.”

An emotional Kylie then told Kim that Jordyn came to her house to get her stuff and said that Jordyn was really hurt by the whole situation and that she couldn’t stand to see her best friend like this.

“She got her things and came in, and just the look in her eyes. She’s obviously going through it,” Kylie sobbed.

“I just don’t think anyone deserves this. Let’s just express everything to everyone in person. However we feel.”


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