Krejcir: Czech govt tried to kill me

Radovan Krejcir (Jenni Evans, News24)
Johannesburg – In an exciting turn of events Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir took the stand on Wednesday in support of his bail application at the Germiston Magistrate’s Court in connection with the murder of Lebanese businessman Sam Issa.

Looking thinner than usual in a classic combination of black leather jacket, crisp white shirt, and blue jeans, the economics graduate spoke clearly and confidently after being sworn in.

Led by his lawyer Annelene Van den Heever, he told the court in slightly accented English that contrary to the correction made on the record earlier, he had only been convicted in absentia in the Czech Republic on three cases, not four, and that two more were either pending or on appeal.

He confirmed that he fled that country because he feared for his life after his father was murdered, allegedly by the government of the time.

He went to the holiday island of Seychelles and then, matters became slightly confusing.

Earlier, Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba handed up two maroon colour Seychelles passports – one in Krejcir’s name, and another in the name of Egbert Savy.

‘The Czech Republic govt tried to kill me’

Krejcir explained that there had been an attempt on his life in Seychelles and explained why he had the second passport.

”That was for the security reason because the Czech Republic government tried to kill me in Seychelles,” he said.

Due to his health he needed an MRI scan and at that time the island did not have that equipment. So another passport was issued by the Seychelles equivalent of Home Affairs in the name of Savy.

His wife and sons were also issued Seychelles passports.

He strongly denied the State’s contention that he should not be released on bail because he may be a threat to the public, and that he had threatened private investigator Paul O’Sullivan.

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Confrontation with O’Sullivan

He explained a confrontation the two had in full view of the public and media at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s court.

”Sullivan threatened my wife. My wife told me in my language that he is intimidating her. I said your day is coming, prepare yourself.”

He said that this meant that O’Sullivan would have his day to be in court.

”It means your day is coming to be in court like me, to be proven that you are part of a conspiracy against me and my family.

He had received an interdict two years ago that O’Sullivan must not interfere with his family, but alleged that O’Sullivan had violated this several times.

He claimed O’Sullivan had ”threatened a lot of people around me”.

Threat claim ‘a pure lie’

He said Krejcir’s associate the late George Louka had been threatened by O’Sullivan and that former Teazer’s co-owner Sean Newman had also been threatened to turn against Krejcir, and that Krejcir’s attorney of record, Piet du Plessis’s family had also allegedly been threatened by O’Sullivan.

He accused the government of also interfering in his asylum application and it was a ”pure lie” that he had threatened policeman Colonel Ximba.

Krejcir and Bulgarian Lybohir Grigorov face nine charges, including premeditated murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances, along with their co-accused Mfaniseni Memela, Nkanyiso Mafunda and Siboniso Miya.

Issa was killed in a hail of bullets in Bedfordview in October 2013. According to previous presentations, he owed Krejcir and others R500 000.

The application continues.



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