Kogi State Gov Yahaya Bello ‘Needs Support, Patience Of All Kogites’

Against the backdrop of the Series of criticisms condemnations and oppositions against some of the policies and programs of the administration of Govenor Yahaya Bello since the inauguration of the present government on 27th January 2016, it is evident that the people of the state are eagerly in a hurry to rip the full benefits of their overwhelming votes and support which they willingly gave the APC at the last general and gubernatorial elections.

Like in every investment, it is true that the sole aim of doing any business or entering into a contract is to make profit or benefit but the fact remains and the truth be told that nobody begins to make a profit overnight from a business or an investment. Ripping a gain and getting a sizable and tangible benefit from any investment takes patience, perseverance commitment and prayers.

Bearing in mind that the present administration is only barely a few months in office, what Gov. Bello seriously needs right now is the prayers, support, patience and perseverance of all and sundry in the state, as it is too early for anyone to begin to criticize and condemn the policies and programs of the present administration.
Unfortunately, Gov Bello’s policies and programs are almost taking over the history books as the most misunderstood, misinterpreted and most criticized. Hence, there is need for the information dissemination team of the state government to do more in redoubling their effort at properly educating and making the right information available to the general public and to Kogites in particular.

As is obviously and presently the case, the information managers of the present administration of Kogi state have always had to relax and wanted until a wrong allegation is made which  is capable of misinforming and giving kogites a negative perception of the government before a horrid  response and the right information is made available by the government’s information team, this trend needs to stop if Gov. Bello wants to gain the ample support and understanding of Kogites which he desperately needs in order to succeed.

The facts are in public domains for everyone to see, unlike many of the states that the detractors and critics of Gov. Bello always makes reference to, the present administration took over a state that was battered and looted almost dry as a result o of more than twenty years of official indiscipline, administrative recklessness and wide spread corruption. The governor took over the mantle of leadership of a state that was sharply divided along ethnic sentiment, religious bigotry and tribal intolerance.


kogites should understand that the present economic woes of state is not peculiar to kogi state and could be traced to the fact that successive administrations failed to put deliberate policies and programs in place with the aim of saving for the rainy days and putting measures in place to boost the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR).

It is not only true that Gov. Bello inherited a state which has a high depth profile and a state that was unable to even pay salaries and allowances of its workforce and pensioners as at when due. The fact remains that the present government is already making frantic efforts at addressing the pitiful plight of Kogites within the limit of available resources.

Rather than unfairly condemning and criticizing every efforts, policies and programs of the government without any basis, what is needed right now is for all hands to be on deck so that we all work in harmony for the progress of the state by supporting the government of the day with prayers, making useful advice on how best to improve the economic status of the state and admonishing kogites to persevere, support and keep fate with the present government which is committed and tirelessly putting policies and programs in place at providing the much craved dividends of democracy and putting smiles on their faces.

Rome wasn’t built in a single day, Gov. Yahaya Belo is already working at a top speed, thanks to his youthfulness, agility and vision, distracting him unnecessarily by making unfounded allegations and baseless criticisms would be tantamount to committing an offense against the people of the state who are in dare need of development and dividends of democracy.

Though, constructive criticism is needed to put the government on its toes and propel him to do the right things.  Let’s take advantage of the all inclusive and open door policy of the Bello administration to make useful inputs and render meaningful advices to the relatively young and energetic governors who is always willing to listen, this is not the time for individuals or groups to begin to play partisan politics or display their bitterness and acrimony towards the state government.  It is too soon and early to start condemning an administration which has barely spent three months of his four year mandate.


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