The King Of Morocco Pardons 415 People, Including 13 Convicted Of Terrorism!

The king of Morocco, Mohammed VI pardoned 415 people, 13 of them condemned for terrorism, on the occasion of a national holiday celebrated on Sunday, it was learned from an official source.

The Moroccan sovereign has ”  kindly granted his pardon to 415 people condemned by various courts of the kingdom, some of whom are in custody and others in freedom, ” the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

On the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the “Revolution of the King and the People”, celebrated on 20 August, the King of Morocco also granted pardon to 13 detainees ”  convicted in terrorism cases and participating in the Mossalaha program (reconciliation ), “And one detainee received a”  commutation of his death sentence in limited to 30 years “.

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But he did not pardon any of the detainees in the protest movement in the Rif region (north), while ”  many clues  ” suggested that he would do so, according to local press.

At the end of July, Mohammed VI pardoned some forty detainees of this movement born last October.


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