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Kim Kardashian Will Not Allow Kanye West Move To Chicago – Insider

An inside source has revealed that Kim Kardashian will never allow husband Kanye West move to Chicago and she has become ‘upset’ with him.

The 37-year-old was far from thrilled when the rapper announced during an Open Mike session with Chance The Rapper that he was moving back to his hometown of Chicago, according to sources at The Sun.

‘She’s never lived anywhere but LA, and she’s upset that Kanye is saying things like this publicly when they haven’t even talked about moving. She’s told him it’s not happening,’ said the insider.

The friend added that they have invested so much in living in Hidden Hills, California, near her mother.

‘They’ve just spent millions renovating their LA home and she’s too exhausted to think about moving again,’ it was added.

They bought a mansion for $20m and then renovated it twice to his exact specifications.

‘She knows Kanye loves Chicago and it makes him feel close to his roots, but there’s no way she’d consider moving full time.

However the Chicago Tribune pointed out this isn’t the first promise Kanye West has made that has yet to come to fruition.

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He announced on Twitter earlier this month that he would be teaching a course at the School of the Art Institute; but the school told the publication he did not have — nor where there any plans to give him — a post there.


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