Kim Kardashian Faces Controversy Over Death Row Inmate

The outspoken reality star has recently been talking with death row inmate Kevin Cooper, which has garnered mixed reactions.

Cooper, who was convicted of killing his neighbours, Doug and Peggy Ryen, their daughter, Jessica, and an 11-year-old boy named Christopher Hughes, who was spending the night at the Ryens’ house, in Chino Hills, California, in 1983.

While Kim Kardashian has earned a lot of praise for her efforts toward prison reform advocacy and freeing prisoners who have been failed by the justice system, she has come under fire for voicing support for a convicted murderer.

Kardashian met with Cooper at California’s San Quentin State Prison last week, and has been lobbying the California Governor Gavin Newsome to order more DNA examination into the case.

He has maintained his innocence throughout his trail and subsequent incarceration and claims he was framed for the gruesome murders.

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The reality star’s involvement has been met with some staunch criticism. One of the loudest voices opposing her efforts is that of Mary Ann Hughes, mother of the slain 11-year-old Christopher.

“It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I pity her. For what she’s doing to us, there’s nothing to justify what she’s doing to us, the immense pain she is causing us,” Hughes told TMZ over the weekend.

She went on to add that Kardashian has “obviously has not read all of the actual evidence.” Hughes maintains that, “He’s 100 percent guilty and the evidence shows it.”

Kardashian’s efforts to help exonerate a convicted killer come after her high-profile work getting clemency for non-violent drug offenders, including Alice Marie Johnson.


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