Kevin Hart Released From The Hospital, 10 Days After Sustaining Injuries From A Car Crash

Kevin Hart is finally out of the hospital after spending close to two weeks over injuries sustained during a freak car accident.

 The comedian and actor have been moved to a physical therapy facility where he would be undergoing further treatment.

The report also says Kevin is “glad” to get out of the L.A. hospital he’s called home for 10 days. He has a positive attitude, saying, “I’m grateful to be alive.” He’s at the rehab joint right now, and the goal we’re told is to get him home “as soon as possible,” where he can start outpatient care.

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There are indications that Kevin Hart will be spending at most a week at the physical therapy facility. Recall that less than 24 hours ago, it was revealed that the comedian would be leaving the hospital for the unidentified facility.


Kevin Hart got involved in a car crash about 10 days. He was not the only one in the car as he was accompanied by a close friend and two other people.

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