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Kenya’s Akothee Savagely Claps Back At Family Members Accusing Her Of Being An Illuminati Member

Singer Akothee will always have a story to tell her social media fans. If it’s not about being a single mother – then believe me it’s about a family member getting on her nerves. But hey, we get it – it’s PR and it helps keep a celebrity relevant.

Anyway in the latest post shared by the singer, Akothee narrates how she has been standing in with her family; that is in terms of paying bills and taking care of them.

However just like mos family members – Akothee’s relatives remain ungrateful; and judgmental if not not jealous for the far she has come.

In the detailed post Madam boss went on to say;

Dear breathrean and sisters
It’s with deep sorrows that we pretend to love and support each other ,yet we are devil’s The amount of hypocrisy is too much . I am sad that people I call family regard me as ILLUMINATI. That I’m drinking my own sister in-laws blood. Well, Death is inevitable and today it’s here tomorrow it’s there. I’ll equally die but coming up with conspiracy theory to satisfy malice, jealousy and hate is sad🤦


Addresses Illuminati rumors

Well, we wouldn’t want to assume the worst about Akothee’s family members; but judging from how she talks about them – confirms that there is indeed too much drama with this particular family.

😂😂. Iluminati. Is the new name of success. Accept and appreciate people’s success. There’s enough for everyone ,and stop covering your jealousy with iluminati.

Akothee went on to add;

What surprises me is you still come to ask for help from iluminati. Why is it so ? Why are we instilling bad manners in our children to imagine that success can only be through illuminati? Why does your children look.for jobs ? Or their blood is not acceptable by the illuminati.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie


Sister in law’s death

From the story it appears that the family members have been accusing her of her sister in law’s death; but addressing this issue – madam boss denied having a hand in the untimely death as she went on to add;

Who is above death ?
My sister in-laws who passed on has finished their journey , and it’s nothing to smile about💪. Whoever thinks it’s a story to laugh about should continue doing that because today death is in our home and tomorrow it goes somewhere else.

And lastly she added:

I am living my small life in my own corner ,🤷,I support where I can , I don’t even know how each one of you live. Sadly, you guys give strangers stones to stone us when you know the truth.


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