Kenyans Were Disappointed by Diamond’s Appearance After Meeting Him in Concert

They put on their dancing shoes and headed to Thika as they patiently waited to be swept off their feet.

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Hehe spot the difference. Pesa zilipwe.

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However, judging from most comments on social media, the singer’s fans felt catfished when they realised he looked nothing like the Diamond they saw on television.

First, thirsty ladies expected a heavily built man with rock hard abs they could easily rub their fingers on. Let us just say, their dreams were not valid.

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Wakenya wakalipa 3k kuona Diamond wakaend up wameona mtu anafanana tu na yeye.

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Also, some expected to spot smooth, silky skin which would leave them wondering what his skincare routine is.

Again, that was asking for too much. Now, another group of netizens kept complaining of the performance. They were just not satisfied for they expected more.

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Haha ati Omudiamond.

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It is however safe to say Diamond is unbothered as he is busy laughing his way to the bank. No negative vibes for him! To a few Kenyans the show was perfect and they would not have it any other way.


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