Kenyans Upbeat About ”Black Panther” Movie

The much anticipated all black cast superhero movie , Black Panther will be making a major appearance in cinema’s across Kenya.

Hollywood is witnessing history as Black Panther from Marvel studios receives honors and makes a big leap onto the global screen.

Fans in Kisumu are not only inspired but thrilled.

“I hear the characters around the world are all Africans, that is a very important that is a very important statement to the world. so nice, it’s going to turn away some of the stereotypes about Africans’‘,said Kisumu artist Moses Oduwa.

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Another Kisumu resident Sprina Khan said she is looking forward to see how Lupita works.’‘She is an amazing, amazing person from what I know. And I hope I hope that she will continue to have all the success int he world’‘,Khan added.

The film, which combines topics of races, pursuit , futuristic sets, humor and heroes with costumes and make-ups inspired by African warriors, was greeted with an ovation at its premiere.

Black Panther will be released on Friday, February 16,2018.


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