Kenyans Are Angry After TV Presenter Mark Masai Fires back at President Uhuru on Live TV

It all started during an exchange between him and Uhuru when the president was fielding questions from journalists during a roundtable session when Masai answered a question in a manner some people described as rude.

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Was Mark Masai rude?

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The journalist was pressing Uhuru about the country’s ballooning debt when the president asked the TV anchor to say what Japan’s national debt was before he focused on that of Kenya.

The drama captured on live TV had Mark saying he did not care to know Japan’s national debt as he was not in that country at the time.

“Do you know what the debt of the Japanese government is? Do you know what the Kenyan debt is?” The president asked.

“I am not really concerned with Japan’s debt. I am not in Japan so I am not concerned with Japan,” Mark answered.

A section of Kenyans immediately branded the presenter rude and disrespectful and asked him to apologize for his actions.

However, others thought he was a hero who was saying nothing but the bitter truth.


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