Kenyan TV Girl Betty Kyallo Slam a Fan Who Linked Her to Ex-Husband Dennis Okari

Betty has been a high-flying free spirit since the infamous split with the father to her daughter Ivanna 2016.

Prior to the divorce, everyone was talking about their wedding which dished out goals to many. It was in many ways a tragedy that the marriage barely lasted a year.

Since then, it has been somewhat of a cold war between the two, especially because there is a daughter involved in the whole break up drama.

What is for certain, however, is the two do not see eye to eye, despite the fact fans are still finding it hard to accept that reality.

One particular online user identified as Karey took to social media to remind Betty that she belonged to her estranged ex hubby despite the divorce.

This was after Betty shared quite the sultry photo with a caption that typically suggested she was a strong independent lady.

“Went to war came back alive on top of that became a black female captain,” She wrote.

The fan who is clearly a huge supporter of happy endings decided to play cheeky and quickly slid in the comments by saying “Betty wa Okari. Let me not hear any arguments,”

By now the K24 TV siren is used to the trolls and constant reminders of her failed marriage but this did not stop her from distancing herself from the cheeky comment.

“I belong to Jesus,” she retorted.


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