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Kenyan Socialite, Vera Sidika’s Relationship With Jimmy Chansa Stirs Controversy

It started with baecations locally, before flying abroad for some alone time, giving fans sleepless nights over their PDA online, only to ´split´ 7 months later. That is Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa´s short-lived love story.

The Tanzanian-Kenyan couple had been serving some lifestyle, romance and baecation goals online and every sunrise made us grow cold feet.

Well, that meant every dawn-break was a sure sign that these love birds would be all over each other with no apologies.

Vera and lover, Jimmy Chansa serving some couple goals

Until the new year clocked in and the rules changed. It started with less photos of each other on their online pages, before Chansa pulled down Vera´s posts on his page.

This time, the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

It is taunting that you cannot even predict the next move because you just don´t want the red rose to turn black too soon.

Critics and trolls are on their toes, bashing the two for a love spark ended too soon, admitting that their breakup predictions have finally come to pass.

Barely 7 months in, Vera and Jimmy Chansa seem too weary to continue. Before then, the Kenyan socialite had dated Otile, in a love bubble that only lasted 6 months.

Who might be the problem here?

Mixed Reactions

Check out online reactions below:

We can’t see him show us.


Where is our shemeji😢😢


Aki Vee cant just settle with one man. Damn she must have missed twerking and new kajululeng😂😂 Jimmy alienda wapi😂 addiction be real now


Nany mwingne amenotice Vera ako single sai 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂


Tulijua utajishuku senje ni wewe?! 😂


Where is our in-law abeg😪


As the chairlady of the in laws association ,i together with my cabinet demand to know where our in law went …aaai wee we are bothered we are waiting we want to know😆😆


This woman must be the problem


We largely expected it


Senjee, halo halo halooo… Change your mind and come back home


This was rebound after the breakup with Otile and was definitely not meant to be.


She needs chuma ya doshi,that would help😊😊


She’s disgrace to society..she will still divorce the guy after draining him completely.


naizo picha zote n trips, felt like 7yrs though, she really knows how to use them, or they use her😂.


She will date the whole world.


Vera and diamond should date they have so much in common 😂


Diamond needs to be with vera by the way


Vera thrives on controversy. Labda ni nyimbo inacook


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