Kenyan Socialite, Vera Sidika Unleashes Her Painting And Drawing Skills (Video)

Like time has proven, many of us have hidden talents that unleash themselves in the face of adversity.

Who would have guessed that Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika can paint and paint a work of art for that matter?

Well, the season has come for the hidden talents to be unveiled and put them into some good use.

Despite the many hurdles quarantine period in Kenya and the world at large, has caused its people, Vera Sidika decided to utilize the extra time indoors, to bring to life her talent in the craft of art.

Several paintings put up, the voluptuous lass proudly flaunted her skills in art to fans and followers attesting that she was an artist before the fame.

Sweethearts, I’m Going back to Drawing and Painting. For y’all that probably don’t know; I have a talent in Art yup. I’m an Artist.

Revealing she was just getting started, with much more to come.

I’ll be creating afew Art Pieces soon and record entire process while at it! It’s about to be fun! I miss art.

With a daily hustle that saw her get busy and eventually neglect her talent in painting and drawing, the businesswoman has now declared war on her skills.

I had so much time on my hands before I got so busy & neglected my talent but I’m back bisssshes lmaoooo

Sharing a piece of art, Vera boasted:

btw; I did this painting in 30 mins.


The beauty filmed the painting process, before capturing the final product her hands had artistically yet seamlessly carved out.

Describing it all as ‘what she loves most’.

Vera Sidika’s painting


Check out her painting skills:



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