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Kenyan Socialite, Vera Sidika, Speaks On Phobia Of Labor

Flamboyant socialite Vera Sidika is on the verge of giving birth to a baby girl in the next month; and her exuberance is evident on being a first time mum. At 8 months pregnant, Vera claims that her pregnancy journey has not been a tough one, bearing the fact that she has not been experiencing extreme symptoms, including vomiting and fatigue.

Vera has now chosen the method she’ll use to give birth to her daughter; explaining that she has a phobia for undergoing the normal labor. Vera shared this on her Insta stories;

”8 months pregnant now. Still stuck on my decision. Yup. Elective CS. I decided this years ago before I even thought of getting pregnant. To be honest, nothing & nobody can change my mind. I just have proper phobia/fear for labor. Can’t seem to get that off my mind. Tried for years.

I would rather slowly deal with CS pain/heal for as long as it takes. Than go through labor pain. Yeah I’m built different like that… I just do what Vee wants to do. And it’s usually different from everyone’s want… All in all, praying for safe delivery & a healthy baby.”


Vera has been engaging her fans on her pregnancy over the months; and her decision to a CS has also been expedited by a section of her fans; who agree that labor is indeed a painful method. Anyway, all the best to Vera as she awaits to give birth next month.

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