Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe, Planning To Hire A Surrogate For Her 5 Kids

Socialite Huddah wants to be a mum but without all the nausea, swollen feet, bulging tummy and mood swings!

In a new post shared on her Instagram story, Huddah went on to reveal that she wants 5 children but will carry none of them if not one.

Well this only means that the lady will use a surrogate to make her dream of having kids become a reality – if indeed this is the plans she to go ahead with.

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Mother of 5

Looking at how Zari has managed to handle her kids despite being a single mum; one can easily assume that parenting 5 children is not so hard…..until it’s your turn to parent.

Anyway with Huddah’s wealth, it wouldn’t be so hard to get professional nannies to look after her babies!


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