Kenyan Singer, Tanasha Donna Opens Up About Her Childhood And Growing Up With A Stepfather

Tanasha Donna has been trending for the past few days thanks to the drama that went down on the day of her EP launch.

Word has it that she caught her man pants down with another lady; but rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz allegedly made a move on a young hotel maid at the same hotel both Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz were staying.

Tanasha Donna recently had a heart to breath interview with Wilkings podcast network where she opened up about her child hood. Tanasha for the first time revealed how life was good to her since her mother ensured she got everything she needed.

Tanasha with her mum

The mother of one went on to say that mum struggled like most single mothers and faced a lot of challenges but this did not put her down.

My childhood was amazing! To be honest I was a spoilt kid because I was an only child. My mum always made sure I have everything she did not have while growing up so she wanted me to have all the toys I needed; go to the best schools have the best company of friends – just have a good time! Pretty much have everything she never had. So shout out to my mum!

Tanasha speaks about her mum

Having seen how her mum went out of her way to give her the best life; Tanasha went on to open up about her mum saying;

My mum has been through a lot in life. She has been through out but made sure I had it all. I think everyone has their own set of problems and things they have been in life; obviously more personal things which I won’t get in but she has seen the tough life for sure.

Unlike many who complain of rather share stories of their wicked Step fathers, Miss Tanasha praised the man who raised her saying;

I grew up with a Belgium father so he raised me up until I was 14-15 years and then him and my mum separated. Funny thing he was the best step dad.

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