Kenyan Singer, Chantelle
Kenyan Singer, Chantelle


Kenyan Singer, Chantelle Speaks On Cheating Allegation

Presently, Singer Chantelle is faced by a huge storm from fans who claim she cheated on her boyfriend of five years, award winning producer J Blessing. And, like most partners, she started by denying it all.

“I have never cheated on J Blessing for the five years we have known each other. Now, that is the bottom line,” said the singer in an interview with SDE. “We are no longer living together so obviously that means we are separated. We were never married. Never!”

Chantelle went on to share that they were never really happy together as a couple. She claimed that her boyfriend was always busy and also didn’t spend a lot of time together since he was out of the country mostly.

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“Sometimes we would be happy. Other times we would be sad. We kept on talking about it as I asked him to let go if he didn’t feel happy with me but these conversations were short. “J Blessing would be in and out of the country like every time because of studies and work and that means for the most time, our relationship was a like a long-distance relationship. At the same time, we had differences and we would be on-and-off.

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“The truth is that from the start, we never really jelled together as we are two different people who were trying to hold on hoping that at some point this would work. As for the people who keep on saying that these differences came from the issue on our baby I would say you’d better be sensitive about such matters.”

“That is a sleeping angel. Allow our son to rest. We have never spoken about him and we are not about to. As for J Blessing, I don’t know if he has moved on. It is now coming to six years and what I have gone through is enough lesson that nothing can change at this point.”

“Sometimes you feel so caged and the results of that are what other people judge you around. Simply, I have let go and I wish J Blessing every good in life.”


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