Kenyan Singer, Akothee Warns Her Close Friends Ahead of Performance in Dubai

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has fired a tough warning to her close friends asking them to respect her hustle, ahead of her performance in Dubai scheduled for November 16, 2018.
In a post seen by Correspondent, Akothee has slammed her friends telling them that they are not special than her fans who pay their own money to come and support her and they should stop expecting special treatment from her.

She added that, some of her friends always demand to be treated in a certain way just because they know her.

“Dear friends acquaintance, please Note, whenever you come to attend my shows don’t expect any attention from me ! You are not special than my Fans who has paid their own money! Travelled all the way to come support me ! Some friends will even catch feelings for being asked to pay entrance or buy their own drinks! my friend ,what did you come for? NO artist’s will even attend their own parents before the show ! When am on the stage ! I am at work and am being paid for that! You leaving to come see me at my place of work is at your own pleasure ! Pay entrance and enjoy as other fans do if you really my fan ! But if you associates with me because of my status we catch up at home or other places, take photos go brag later I know Akothee personally, haezi niambie kitu, that’s yours ! Every artist need their own time to prepare for the show!” reads part of Akothe’s statement.

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“We have no time to give advice , stand up comedy and entertainment before the performance ! Mind you! it’s not all about holding the mic! Performance is spiritual! I have heard occasions where friends tempered with my performance just because they were not treated as they expected! I felt so drained on stage that I cut my performance half way ! I could not stand their gloomy faces in the crowed! ! SO PLEASE NOTE! YOU CANT SEE ME BEFORE THE PERFOMANCE! YOU CANT SEE ME BEFORE MY FANS ! Even if you book the same hotel with me ! I allow photo session even after a whole day perfomance ! Friends will cuddle in a corner to be noticed and given special time for fotos!if it doesn’t happen they catch feelings” added Akothee.

“They can’t mix with fans ! That time you wish you just drop dead in your hotel room ! I love to support people too! but ,I don’t accept manipulation ! People who love you support you and respect your work as well , hope you understand! Good morning, I had an injury yestday I dint sleep well ! Was awake the whole night, let’s be friends but don’t interfere with my work, you won’t pay my bills , we will still remain friends if you are TRUE TO YOURSELF, IF YOU LEAVE I DONT LOOSE YOU , YOU JUST LOST ME , #Respectpeopleshustle I WILL CHOOSE FANS OVER FRIENDS , FANS SUPPORT ME,FRIENDS DONT EVEN KNOW LYRICS TO MY SONGS” added Akothee.


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