Kenyan Singer, Akothee Reveals Why She Has 20 Bodyguards

Kenyan singer and business woman Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has for the first time explained why she has 20 bodyguards.
Speaking to the correspondent, the mother of five said that being a celebrity was not an easy walk as most people may assume it to be, because she has to move around with big cars and a lot of people around her.

Akothee noted that whenever she was making any public appearance, she needed to have more bodyguards around her because of the fans.

She went ahead and stated that she deploys her bodyguards depending on how much she needed to have them around for security purposes, but did not shy away from mentioning how costly it was to have them around.

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“Celebrity life is tough. I have to drive around in big cars and with an entourage. My drivers, body guards and the rest of the team cost a lot. I have like a total of 20 bodyguards, but I deploy them according to my needs. When I am making public appearances, obviously I need more,” the Oyoyo hit maker mentioned.


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