Kenyan Singer, Akothee Reveals How Much She Pays For Her Daughter At Prestigious International School

Akothee enjoys a lavish lifestyle and she ensures that her children are furnished with the tools to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the future too.
And one of these tools is education and when it comes to schools, Akothee is willing to give the best education money can buy by enrolling them into the most prestigious schools which include Braeburn and Strathmore University.

“I am a mother of five and as much as I gave birth with mzungus, they don’t support me fully, its only baba Oyoo, the young boy that is supporting his son, the four are mine and mine alone. I support my kids alone. My daughter Fancy Makadia is in Braeburn she is paying Sh800, 000 per term, the other two are in Strathmore you know how the school fees there is,” she said on NTV’s Wicked Edition.

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To afford these schools Akothee admits that she works so hard to the extent that she sometimes collapses due to fatigue. “I get so tired that even when I go for school meetings I switch off, I really work hard. People see things on social media and they think it’s all rosy…There is this time I was supposed to perform at One Africa Music festival, I normally get energy burnout several times, if you don’t see me online just know she is in bed. I collapsed and I didn’t make it for the One Africa music Fest…”


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