Kenyan Singer, Akothee Requests Fans To Help Her Chose Between 19.5 Million And 13 Million Car

Akothee recently excited her fans after sharing a video taken from her Lake Lugano House in Switzerland which is one of the many homes she owns.
She disclosed that the house is located in a billionaire zone and that Tina Turner lives directly opposite her house.

“The only celeb owning a home with mandibulours view of Lake Lugano in the middle of billionaires, #comebeatme. I am coming home in 2 weeks my love, my baby is wishing me well, so who do you think you are to wish me muchele? I think it’s only me and TINA TURNER, she lives directly opposite my house in Zurich levels,” wrote Akothee.

In her latest episode of #richpeoplethings, Akothee disclosed that she was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing her private car. So she requested fans to help her select a suitable car for her between a 19.5 Million Lexus and a new Toyota V8.

“Went window shopping, please help me choose my private car, should I go for Lexus 19.5 million, or V8 new shape 13 million, or just a normal v8 9 million #LOTTO but this for 9m I have already driven it, I need something to disturb,” read her post.


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