Kenyan Singer, Akothee Opens Up About Losing Her 3 Children

Akothee is known as one of the toughest ladies in the showbiz scene, a person that can be attributed to her difficult past.
From working as a househelp and a night-club dancer to being abandoned by her baby daddies, to even losing 3 kids, she has been through the ringer.

The ‘Lotto’ hitmaker recently opened up about losing her 3 children, one to pneumonia and twins to a miscarriage 2 years ago.

“My first child came when I was still very young… I had two more children by the time I was 16. Unfortunately, the second child contracted pneumonia and died because I could not afford to take him to the hospital,” she told Correspondent.

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Hate messages
In 2016, she lost her twin babies in a hospital in Switzerland. After her miscarriage, Akothee received some horrid messages from ‘fans’ who wished her death.

“I got more than 10 messages saying they wished I would also die in that bed. That I had faked a pregnancy. I have five children, so clearly I am not infertile. I am a moving scandal, so why would I try to create a scandal like that one? That is when I decided that if people did not care, then I do not care either for their opinions.” She disclosed.


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