Kenyan Singer, Akothee Narrates The Struggles Of Being A Single Mother

Akothee was recently spotted in a street in Mombasa looking like a mad woman, wailing and looking all dirty. A video went viral that showed her being helped to walk by some passers by and from the look of things, she seemed like she was troubled.

Akothee A2

As we all know, Akothee loves herself too much to even think of degrading herself to that level. It’s not that she looks down upon people in that kind of situation, but she always advocates on women working to fund for themselves so as to live a comfortable life without having to depend on a man to cater for their needs.

Well, all the drama on the streets was from a video she was shooting, that she recently released called Baby Daddy.

Akothee is a drama queen and she always finds a way to catch people unawares with her stunts. It’s pretty easy to believe everything she does because she’s that good of an actress.

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Akothee A

The song basically talks about how her baby daddy left her alone to watch over her kids, yet he’s living a luxurious life.

If you don’t know by now, Akothee has worked so hard to be where she is because of the struggles she went through as a single mother, and she strongly stands with single mothers because she knows the struggles that come with it.

Akothee A1

She has gone ahead to narrate what kind of struggles a single mother has to go through to make ends meet and the kind of things she has to set aside to take care of her kids.

She said,  “A single mother has no time for romance, her stomach listens better than her ears, she has no choice but to ignore your love essays , come home with a bag of maize not a packet of condoms, she will listen to you. God bless you.”


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