Kenyan Rapper, Khaligraph Jones Speaks About Politics In The Country

Khaligraph Jones has been demonized heavily this past week after he sought to find a solution for the Uhuru Kenyatta mandated Covid 19 lockdowns that many people have argued against as it is so ill-informed and poorly executed, it is causing more harm than good to Kenyans and our economy.

Sure, there are some voices supporting the measures but when you talk to people who aren’t involved in the stealing and looting of Covid 19 loans, you will find that an overwhelming majority of Kenyans are against the punitive measures.

And Khaligraph Jones decided to use his voice to directly address the deputy president and former prime minister, William Ruto and Raila Odinga to try and seek a way for him to help alleviate his suffering as entertainers are some of the most affected in all this mess.
And at this point, the political fractures in our country were exposed. Khaligraph Jones’ fans were divided along political (and ethnic lines) as those who support either faction saw it as a problem that he was trying to consort with the other faction.
Even other artists called him out and began to attack him based on what he had posted as they tried to virtue signal how noble their political intent is and how aware they are of their civic duties and rights but that is the type of diatribe that solves nothing as the prevalent situation persists.

You see, OG is approaching this from a very smart place as he knows that you can only negotiate with someone who would want something from you. And in this case, Uhuru Kenyatta has shown he doesn’t care for anything nor anyone and all this is just an ego trip as he enjoys exerting his power over the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

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Khaligraph Jones is being a smart man because when we look at the political landscape, whoever feels they can benefit more from an alliance and it is clearly William Ruto in this case who is eager to forge a way forward that is mutually beneficial to both parties.


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