Kenyan Rapper, DNA Slams Veteran DJ Pinye For Allegedly Killing Upcoming Artists Career

Trouble stirred on Friday, November 7 when DJ Pinye went on record to term some the well known Kenyan tunes as average.

Pinye was very specific, referring to rapper Khaligraph Jones as one of the rappers who might experience serious difficulties having his music played by DJs.

“There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days including Khaligraph and DNA but their career has grown. I cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position.

DJs shouldn’t play mediocre music,” he had said during an interview with NRG radio. Typically, with social media being so close to Kenyan youth’s hearts, his sentiments did not ride well with heavy Khaligraph fans who felt the DJ was outdated and his sentiments were rather senile.

Khaligraph played down Pinye’s sentiments, although DNA was not letting anything slide as he took to address the issue through a diss track.

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The rapper, who was at once saved but then backslid to the land of secular, dubbed the song Kapinye where he addressed a number of issues including Pinye’s alleged greed in the music scene.

DNA accused the 48-year old of misadvising some young promising aspects such as Elani – something he says is the reason why they have not reached the levels of Sauti Sol and other African acts.

Neutral Kenyans, however, were critical of the diss track which was rather rushed and lacked proper musical prowess, regardless of the sting in the lyrics.


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