Kenyan Radio Presenter, Alex Mwakideu’s Sister Reveals How Ex-hubby Robert Burale Almost Made Her Commit Suicide

Kenyan radio powerhouse Alex Mwakideu’s sister, Rozinah, claimed during an interview stated that her ex-husband was a serial cheat.

Burale, a notable pastor and motivational speaker, would step out on her and apologise then crawl back into the arms of his mistresses, she alleged.

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“There were red flags that he was cheating on me but he would apologise. However, he would fail and repeat it. Robert had so many things he was hiding from me in the name of being a pastor,” she said.

According to the gospel singer, her ex-was deep in debts during the time the two were together and she would often receive calls from the police regarding Burale. At some point, Rozinah contemplated suicide when the weight of the world became too heavy to bear.

She was embarrassed because one of her friends even tried to take her hubby to court.

“I would receive calls now and then from people and police saying Robert had unsettled debts. It was a character he had and I kept waiting because I thought he would change because he was born again. For example, the main reason why I left was after my friend came to visit me and after she left, she wanted to sue him. I could not handle that pressure plus other personal issues,” she opened up.

To Rozinah, Burale was very good at being a wolf dressed in sheep’s skin. He would hide his unpleasant behaviour behind his duty as a pastor.

“I was expecting him to change. I became suicidal in that one year I lived with Robert because there was so much I was going through but I feared what people would say if I left. My mother is a prayerful person and that helped me,” she narrated.


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