Kenyan Radio Host, Mwalimu Rachel Replies Trolls Over ‘Explicit’ Photo With Rapper, Timmy Tdat

The kenyan radio presenter, Mwalimu Rachel has responded to trolls on social media over a salacious photo of her licking rapper Timmy Tdat body.

The presenter through a series of tweets that among others addressed critics she claimed were after her station, directed her followers to an article she wrote on the 13th of April 2018.

In the article dubbed Hii pia ifikie wazazi, Mwalimu Rachel addresses issues such as the one she is facing stating that ‘sometimes something negative needs to happen so one can see all the positives.”

A subtle apology?

Well, in the letter, she writes that she is not perfect and that it is ok to make mistakes but grow by learning from them.

“I am not perfect. Far from it. What I am is real and honest. That is why even on radio I have shared embarrassing episodes of my life and why I speak to many young people on the daily and tell them it’s ok to make mistakes but you must learn the lesson from it because it’s part of knowing your WHY

“Now hear me out… When you are speaking to the youth and want to continue speaking to them, especially in media, you are told you must immerse yourself in their culture. Be cool, just like them. Be sexy, be lit, be edgy. That is how they will “accept you” and be comfortable around you. (Not entirely true…)” She wrote.

Timmy and Rachel in love?

For those fans who had bought buckets of popcorn waiting on juicy details of whether Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachel are romantically involved, here is what she had to say.

“Is there something going on between Timmy and I? Yes. A beautiful on-air chemistry that you cannot deny. (Ok that is a good rhyme.) Other than that? No. No sexual relationship, no sneaking around, nothing like that. Not because I am an angel who does no wrong, but because that is the truth. Take it or leave it.”

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