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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Hilarious Memes Take South Africans by Storm And it is Funny

A South African, however, will portray him as the hilarious man in the memes. Yes, our leader is the star in most South African memes. Lol, we laughed a bit too.

A bunch of tickled netizens who were trying to come to terms with the fact that the man in the memes is actually a president.

South Africans had a bunch of hilarious gimmicks that went hand in hand with Uhuru’s unique and tickling facial expressions.

The whole time they shared our president’s photos on the internet, they had no idea he carried a whole nation on his back.

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Nope, not even a hint! However, one of them caught wind when she spotted Uhuru on the big screen and boy was it a pleasant surprise.

Quickly, the tweep known as Nomfusi Lengs alerted her compatriots and the whole Twitter was thrown into laughter.

Kenyans chipped in on the interesting thread as they added a few more photos to spice up the conversation.

Ah, people, what would the world be without some laughter? Here are a few of the photos, please prepare to laugh till you drop.


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