Kenyan Presenter, Throws Shade At Diamond Platnumz’s Community Genitals

It is no longer a secret that Diamond Platnumz has been with almost every expensive socialite from East Africa!

However, being a superstar releasing hits after hits, it only means that Diamond Platnumz can afford such a lifestyle; but not everyone is pleased with the fact that he is all over like a person looking to spread something more than just legs.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

Anyway, after dumping both his Ugandan and Tanzanian baby mamas – he then entered Kenya where he impregnated Tanasha Donna; and just like the rest he dodged her since he is not yet ready to settle down.

Rono’s video

Well, his stories have since become a common thing in the society and despite many disliking him for being father Abraham; many can’t keep away from enjoying his songs.

The latest Kenyan to troll Diamond Platnumz is Rono who is a former NRG radio presenter popularly known for her funny IG and YouTube videos.

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At 19 years, Rono already has established a career for herself and unlike other comedians – Rono keeps her crowd going with her memes.

Rono disses Diamond Platnumz

Well in her latest video, Rono publicly embarrasses Diamond Platnumz for being a community di*k giver! She shared this message through a tik tok video where she showed no mercy trolling the fella.

It’s not clear as to why the young lady pulled this move on the Bongo Star; but chances are that she might know abit too much about the guy since she is friends with Tanasha Donna.

This is however not the first time the Bongo singer is being trolled by Kenyans – and unlike Tanzanians where he hits back at his haters… Diamond Platnumz has proven to fear Kenyans – especially since he understands how rogue they can get when it comes to throwing shade in English.


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