Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Kenyan Pop Group, Sauti Sol Loses Driver In Fatal Accident

Kenyan group Sauti Sol

A Sauti Sol branded bus in Kenya was involved in a ghastly accident which left the driver dead. This accident happened on Wednesday, April 20, 2017.

The accident also left two others injured. Speaking to Pulse, the manager of the award winning group revealed that the bus was not Sauti Sol’s official tour bus but a bus just branded with the group’s imagery.

The Sauti Sol members were however not involved in the accident. They have been in Nigeria for the past week.

Sauti Sol's tour bus

Sauti Sol released a statement on their official Facebook page confirming the unfortunate incident.

Our hearts go out the families and friends of the driver of the Modern Coast Express Ltd #LiveandDieinAfrika branded bus who passed away following a fatal road accident yesterday.

Thank you all for your concern. None of our team members were in the bus. Everyone is safe and sound. However, we’d like to pray for quick recovery of the injured passengers who were travelling from Malindi.

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Yesterday, Sauti Sol was on the video set of their collaboration track with Nigerian singer KCee.

On Sunday, April 16, 2017, Sauti Sol and international hit DJ Diplo were at the New Afrikan Shrine to see Femi Kuti and his band Positive Force perform their weekly gig.

Sauti Sol was slated to perform at Gidi Fest 2017 but could not due to rain and other logistics.


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