Kenyan Police Kill Most Wanted Terror Suspect In Mombasa


Kenyan anti-terror police on Tuesday killed most wanted terror suspect, Ismael Shosi who was behind a series of attacks targeting security officers in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa described Shosi as the mastermind of radicalization, training and recruitment of youth to join Al-Shabaab group in Somalia who return to wage terrorist attacks in the country.

“Acting on intelligence reports our officers managed to kill Shosi in a shootout. It’s a major breakthrough in the war on terror in the country. We urge other terror suspects to surrender to authorities,” Marwa told journalists in Nairobi.


Marwa said Shosi was staying in a rented house owned by slain terror suspect Kassim Amollo who was killed in 2013 in Mombasa.

Police said Shoshi was known for carrying out attacks while dressed in Muslin women dress buibui (veil) to disguise himself to avoid police arrest.

Shosi alongside his late brother Ikrima Mohamed Shoshi were the main suspects behind the killing of Hashim Omar, an officer within the National Intelligence Service while he was leaving the Mosque near Kunze Mombasa in July, 2015.

The government had placed a 20,000 U.S. dollar bounty on his head over alleged links to terrorism activities in the coastal region.


Written by Deborah O

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