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Kenyan News Anchor, Betty Kyallo’s Replies Haters Claiming She is Older

In a post shared on Instagram, the mother of one asked if the people who claimed she is 33 years old were the ones who gave birth to her.

She went on to say that Kenyans think they know it all and if that is how people calculated mathematics in school, she hopes they all scored grade A.

In the video Betty said that the confusion came about after she confused her birth date in one of the shows.

She added that no matter what they do, no one would get to her and that she also pays her own rent.

“It’s my birthday na wale wasee wanasema ati niko 33 ni nyinyi mlinizaa wakenya wanajifanyanga sana kujua ati wanacalculate ivo ndio mlikuwa mnacalculate mathematics. I hope nyinyi wote mlipata A mathematics, kama hukupata A kwendeni huko. Wanasema ati niko 33 kwa sababu niliconfuse dates kwa clip ingine. Hata nikuwe mzee it doesn’t matter na hawaniwezi anyway najilipia rent,” she said.

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Turned 30!

Her words came as Betty Kyallo turned 30.

The media personality was on Friday treated to a surprise birthday by her Flair by Betty employees.

Ms Kyallo was ambushed by the employees while she made her way to the office.

They had cake, champagne and flowers.


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