Kenyan Musician, Jimmy Gait Returns Home A Month After Travelling To India For Surgery

In August 2019, a downcast and visibly scared Jimmy gait announced he had to jet out to India to undergo a serious throat surgery.

In a touching series of YouTube videos, the young singer took his fans through his final days in India up to his grand arrival back home. With a face plastered with a permanent smile, all he could say at first was “I am done!”

An excited Jimmy streamed his travels and stopovers leaving his fans at the edge of their seats as they all awaited for the anticipated return. Back home, a group of eager family members and fans pitched tent at airport singing and praising as they awaited the singer’s arrival.

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And when he touched down, Jimmy’s squad erupted in celebration and rushed to lock him in tight embraces. Finally, their son was home.

When he first announced he was travelling abroad for treatment, a scared Jimmy asked his fans to pray for him because he was worried something was wrong with his throat. While still waiting for his test results, the musician had to dispel rumours that he had cancer and finally assured his people that it was just a case of gastritis.


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