Kenyan MP To Face Murder Charge Over Election Chaos

Kenya’s public prosecutor has approved murder and assault charges against MP Aisha Jumwa.

The charges are related to the fatal shooting of a person during a by-election in October last year in the coastal region.

Several others were also injured.

She will be charged alongside her aide Geoffrey Okuto Otieno.

The MP is accused of storming the home of one of the candidates in the by-election where a meeting was taking place and confronting those in charge.

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A scuffle ensued between her supporters and those of the candidate and the police fire teargas. One person was shot dead and several others injured.

The minister was arrested shortly after the incident but later released.

Ms Jumwa denies being involved in the murder.

She says she was at the scene of the scuffle but insists she left, on the advice of the police, before the fatal shooting.


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