Kenyan: How I Met With Kardashians’ Finest, Kendall Jenner – Socialite, Vera Sidika

The thought of a youthful Nairobi young girl verging on meeting any star who has highlighted in the American reality TV drama show Keeping Up with the Kardashians can be called as a wild wish.

We are talking about the Kardashians themselves, TV’s most-adored reality TV family, their riches, fame and fine fortunes.

We are talking about the likes of Kendall Jenner, the gorgeous American model and American reality television personality who made her name through Keeping Up with the Kardashians before she begun modelling in a movement dubbed ‘the Instagirl era’ by Vogue magazine, and ‘Social Media Modeling; by Harper’s Bazaar, where models are chosen for their online presence and social media following.

This is a star who has been on the Top 15 most followed celebrities on an Instagram list (2017) and one of the world’s highest-paid model on the Forbes top-earning models.

We are discussing Kylie Jenner, her sister, also a socialite, entrepreneur and media personality who has been listed as the most influential teen in the world (TIME magazine 2014 and 2015).

We are not even talking about their net worth here! Now, if you are a Kenyan girl hanging out with such calibre of stars, respect!

But first, how did Vera get herself tickets to the all-stars NBA game in Los Angeles in New Year week where she meet all those adored stars.

“The VIP tickets for post-game all access pass were never sold. You have to be given by an NBA player, which was the case with me.

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“This is because unless that happens, all rich people will flock the NBA players and celebrities and make a mess out of it. Whether he is your boyfriend, relative or friend, only NBA player can get you the access I had,” Vera tells newsmen the LA shocker.

“That is how Kylie and I had passes. Her boyfriend was playing so after Game, they hang out there for a while before heading out. And there was a good moment for me to chit-chat with them…You know, it is like a chat with Kardashians’ finest,” the Kenyan socialite, arguably Africa’s most talked-about girl reveals.

“I had a chance to meet many NBA stars whom we had a good hook-up time with. I in particular recall the moment with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. I am not into sports really but it was interesting to watch the game and now I am in love with it,” she tells Pulse magazine.

Vera, who is on her American tour promoting her music and filming for her upcoming reality TV show says she has had a fruitful outing that has exposed her more widely to the world of reality TV and showbiz.

“I had appearances in London, then flew to USA for my tour. I started with Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona…and more cities are booking me for appearances throughout January. It sure is a busy 2019 kick off,” she concludes.


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