Kenyan Guiterist, Polycarp Soon To Launch His Guitar Brand

Kenya’s most popular guitarist and member of multiple award winning group Sauti Sol has been making custom made guitars,which he christened ‘Fancy Fingers’ and they are exquisite. Polycarp broke the news last year in September through his social media platforms writing:

Image: Itsmefancyfingers/Instagram

“Sounds so good! If you wanna make an order slide in my DM.”
Speaking to Word Is on how he came up with the idea, he had quite an interesting story.
It was very random but it felt very great of course. There’s this guy who fixes my guitars. When he told me that he makes guitars from scratch, I thought, maybe we could make a Kenyan brand from this, because there is a very huge problem of instruments in this country.”
The inspiration behind it?

“For us, we travel alot and we buy things from outside but there is a kid who’s coming up and doesn’t have access to any kind of instrument. So it’s just an idea to have Kenyan made for the Kenyan musicians.”

According to him, there is still more to this amazing brand that we haven’t seen yet.

“It’s still in the process of being launched so am still trying to get the perfect brand name and perfect design. Then am going to launch it properly,” he said.


He says that he targets all the young upcoming artistes in the continent.

“Hopefully its going to be a big enough brand for the continent coz that’s my target. Young African Musicians.”

The multi talented artiste is also a producer, and he along side another group member Savara, do the productions for the group

“We do everything in-house. We write and produce”

So does he produce for other artistes apart from Sauti Sol?

“I also do produce for other people outside because it’s something that I love to do. I also gain a lot of experience from that and put it back in the band”

Fresh from the award winning afro pop group is a single titled ‘Friendzone’, a song that has hit the airwaves by storm. It is an emoji themed video, which left many wondering how and why they came up with the rare but exciting choice.

Speaking to Word Is about “Friendzone”,

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“It marks the new chapter of our era in terms of recording music, how we write our music.”

And about the emoji aspect?


“You have to come into terms with the things that people use every day. Emojis are things that we use every day. When you’re talking to your friends you use emojis. When you want to have a laugh you use emojis.”

So, is it because they have been Friend zoned too many times?

“Definitely!!Kila mtu amekula friendzone. Everybody has been friendzoned one way or the other.”

In the song, they mention team mafisi, and having so many listeners globally, many tend to ask what that phrase means. They seem to take that question quite positively and are happy about it.

“It’s great because we are introducing Kenyan urban culture to the world. It is what’s happening in Kenya right now. It is the talk right now. When people ask us what team mafisi is and we give them the explanation, they are like wow, that’s really hilarious. dope. We are just sharing our culture with the world.”

They have recently done a song dubbed “Mbozi Za Malwa”with Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool and the reception was also quite impressive. As we would expect, the really did enjoy working with him.

“He is the boss in the industry and is a wise person. He is one of the best artistes we have worked with.”

If you have been wondering, “Malwa actually means alcohol. So “Mbozi Za Malwa” means those stories you talk with your friends while drinking. Those alcohol conversations.”

Sauti Sol will be going on Tour to Toronto, Canada on Wednesday and will be there till Monday. They, among other major African artistes like MiCasa and Tekno will be performing in one of the biggest African festivals in Diaspora, which they are very eager and ready to do.

“We feel like we are going for the Olympics. And we have to represent the country proper”, they said.


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