Kenyan Gospel Singer, Ringtone Attacked For Claiming Willy Paul Worships The Devil

In a video he shared on Instagram, the singer said Willypozee was not godly, and he is been possessed.

He added that the ‘Malingo’ singer purported to be a Christian but his actions clearly showed that he was an evil spirit as well as the people he associates and works with.

“Willy Paul we will call you by your name we know you are Willy possessed. What does it mean, with the level of arrogance you are exhibiting in interviews, you are not godly. Mr. Abubakar the first companion of the prophet Muhamad we are not in the same spirit. You have been here purporting to be a prophet of the almighty God. You’re not and we call you out. We’ve discovered you, you are the evil spirit we want you to go. The level of corperation you have been exhibiting with demon possessed musicians Rayvanny, harmonize and Diamond you are one of them we know you,” said Ringtone.

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In another post, Ringtone shared Willy Paul’s picture saying that he was an agent of darkness, and he has to leave the church.

“This is a gospel artist from Kenya called Abubakar Rapado #willypaul .SHOWING DEMONIC SIGNS ON HIS HANDS This agent of darkness has been has to leave the church,” wrote Ringtone.

Willy Paul’s fans who had enough of Ringtone’s claims then launched attacks on the singer;


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