Kenyan Court Orders Return Of Deported Politician

The High Court in Kenya has ordered the government to facilitate the return of opposition politician Miguna Miguna who was deported to Canada, local news site The Nation reports.

The Kenyan-born politician was deported to Canada, where he also holds citizenship, after being held for days by the police.

Kenyan authorities say that under the old constitution, Kenyans couldn’t hold dual-citizenship meaning that Mr Miguna’s acquisition of a Canadian passport in 1988 cost him his Kenyan nationality.

Under Article 17 of the Kenyan Constitution, a person born in Kenya can only have their citizenship revoked if it was acquired by fraud, if they or their parents were already a citizen of another country, or if the person was older than eight when they were found in Kenya.

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Before he was deported on 7 February, the government had refused to obey several court orders demanding the authorities arraign Miguna Miguna in court.

Mr Miguna had been arrested for his role in the mock swearing-in ceremony of opposition leader Raila Odinga as the “people’s president”.

Mr Odinga claims that he beat President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 8 August election which was annulled by the Supreme Court because of “irregularities and illegalities”.

He boycotted the repeat election which Mr Kenyatta won.



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