Kenyan Bloggers Fall For Tina Kaggia’s Prank

This is more so for those who believe ‘verification’ is some ancient disease, as was the case with some bloggers this week, who fell for a prank by former radio host Tina Kaggia.

In today’s world of social media the temptation to be the first with breaking news can lead people into comical situations.

While on a work assignment with her new employer at the coast, Tina put up some photos of her and her colleagues having fun by the beach on Facebook. This seemed to have piqued the curiosity of a writer who works for a blog:

“I had noticed a photo of yours in which you seem to be alluding to a happy new relationship. Are you now dating or am I reading too deep into the caption?”

Quite predictably and in-keeping with the infamous tradition of shooting first and aiming later, the bloggers fell for it with fancy headlines about her parading “her potentially new man months after bitter break-up with JB Masanduku” and being “outchea living her best life as she moves on from failed marriage to JB Masanduku”, the latter of which even wished her the best in “this new relationship”. By Tuesday, she seemed to be having so much fun that one of the two colleagues even hinted at the joke “Hahaha #confusetheenemy”, he wrote on one of her Instagram pictures. In their rush to break the news, they did not even notice they were referring to two different men as Tina’s supposed new catch.