Kenyan Beauty Entrepreneur, Ummy, About To Give Huddah A Run For Her Money

Because of extreme interest of good quality yet moderate excellence in items; we have had the option to see a couple of female business beauticians venture into the business of beauty care products.

So far we have Huddah who begun off with her lipstick products before she proceeded onward to other facial beauty care products that have seen her business develop.

With her celebrity status, most local beauty entrepreneurs have not managed, she happens to match up to her level; but she might have just found a competitor who is about to give her a run for her money!

Ummy’s beauty collection 

Word making rounds on social Media is that a lady by the name of ummy thebosslady is about come take over the cosmetic business thanks to her quality and unique beauty products.

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Ummy has already made a name for herself in Oslo where she is currently based and has a cosmetic shop running after holding a big launch on 9th January 2019.

The lass has also ensured to push her brand back home in Kenya where she is planning to hold a big launch early July. The lady guarantees makeup lovers flawless and hydrated skin when it comes to her products. 

When asked why she chose this business, Ummy went on to say;

‘No matter how much makeup you wear or what hair color trends you adapt, the search for new beauty trends never ends.’


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